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10 ways to explore New York ... without money

You can visit New York without spending money and it's not because of the city prowling pickpockets :). New York is one of those great cities where the best things you can see for free. In addition, there are many other convenience that simplify sightseeing budget.

1. WiFi

In New York, there is a lot of free WiFi, most hotels, restaurants and even parks offer free Internet access. Most assume that this is so obvious they don't not even publish this information -  so you need to ask.

2. All museums in New York, you can see for free

Some museums you can always visit for free, and others which normally  tickets are operative, offer free admission on certain days or at certain times.
Met (the oldest and largest museum in America and one of the three largest in the world), the American Museum of Natural History, the Brooklyn Museum - you can visit for a symbolic dollar. In these museums is in force "rate suggested” per ticket (suggested admission), which means that you pay less if you ask.

MoMA - great museum of modern art and definitely my favorite museum in New York - every Friday from 4 to 8 pm can be visited for free

Whitney Museum of American Art - on Fridays from 6-9 pm you will pay as you wish.

Guggenheim Musem - famous not so much for its art but for the magnificent building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright - is best visited on Saturdays from 5:15 to 7:45 then you will pay as you like (last ticket sold by 7:15 pm)

3. Staten Island Ferry

It is necessary for all persons traveling with the budget and not only.

New York is famous for breathtaking panoramas. To see it is best to go on the free ferry Staten Island Ferry and along the way you can enjoy panoramic views of Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and the Port of New York Harbor.

4. Concerts in the parks

And we are not talking about novice musicians. For example, in Bryant Park during the summer there are the hottest star of musicals on the Broadway (In addition, Bryant Park is worth a visit, because there is  Public Library, beautiful building + books, magazines and newspapers and wifi are free).

The next it is concert of classical music in Central Park organized by the Naumburg Orchestral Concerts held in the beautiful bandstand with the same name.

Rumsey Playfield in Central Park is home to nearly three dozen summer concerts all for free.

The same applies to the New York Philharmonic concerts organized in the evenings in Central Park, Cunningham Park and Prospect Park.

5. Dancing in the moonlight

For those who want to feel like Fred or Ginger I recommend Moondance, or dancing in the moonlight on a Sunday summer evenings. To the music of some of New York's hottest teams, you can dance the night away. Additionally there are offered  free dance lessons that begin with 18.30.

6. Videos

Movie lovers can enjoy cinema under the stars practically everywhere in New York. Almost every park in the city to offer free summer film festivals.

For example, in Bryant Park visit Summer Film Festival  with HBO, Hudson River Park films in the series RiverFlicks, Brooklyn Bridge Park offers a series of films with a view (in fact from the park you have a beautiful view on the whole Manhattan).

7. Happy hours

Few people know that the real happy hours in New York not only gives you the opportunity to drink additional free drink but often you receive whole meal for the price of 1 beer. Okay, we can not expect anything exquisite, it is often pizza or hot dog. In addition, the good happy hours we will pay the most sophisticated drinks no more than $ 5 and $ 2 for shots.

8. Governors Island

Still one of the better kept secrets of this Governors Island, about 10 minutes away from Manhattan deserted island. Currently, it is "home" one of the finest parks and art exhibitions, as well as a great place for a picnic with views of the Statue of Liberty and lower Manhattan.

You can rent a bike for free and tour the whole island in half an hour.

9. HighLine

Recently open but a favorite of New Yorkers park built on the site of an old railway line.

10. Cigarettes

In New York City smoking is banned everywhere, not only in restaurants but in parks and bus stops. As you can see in the picture smoking is banned even on Time Square.
In addition, the cigaretes is ridiculously expensive, costing about $ 10 per pack.
Also, New York is the best place to stop smoking and save money on your ticket on a good show on Broadway.

11. Book with discounts

It's not free but it pays to buy the New York Pass if someone prepare himself for intensive sightseeing.


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