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Accommodation in Washington

How to plan a tour of Washington?

The capital of the United States is proud and majestic. For tourists visiting the US visit in Washington is a necessary point of the program.

Washington lies on the river Potomac, its formal name sounds District of Columbia. Here are all key the US State institutions (known even from American movies) and lots of interesting and unique museums that attract tourists.

From the Capitol to the White House

Capitol, that is the seat of the Congress, is the central building in Washington. The axes north-south and east-west, which divide the city into four parts, intersect at that place. You can tour the interiors of free with guided tour  by reservation.

Across the street is the Library of Congress, which is the best-equipped library in the world. It is interesting that Library of Congress is connected to the underground passage with the Capitol , which can be used also by tourists.

In surrounded by a park, in the famous White House, resides the president. You can approach close enough to under the watchful eye of the police and security take a photograph on his background. President Obama similarly, wants to re-open it to the public, but it will probably be possible only for US citizens. Visiting the Pentagon is also not possible for foreigners.

George Washington, is commemorated by a monument, which is located at the center of the National Mall (National Gallery). Near it stands  almost 170 meters obelisk erected in honor of the first president of the United States. The National Gallery is a type of memory park, which is also positioned among others Lincoln Memorial reminiscent of an ancient temple.

Washington museums

The Smithsonian Institution is the largest museum complex in the world. Located next to the National Mall consists of 19 museums and galleries, the zoo and 9 research centers. Admission to all compounds is free! However, you  have to have a lot of time to be able to visit the entire complex. From rich offer we should select the most interesting museums for us - it will be difficult to see more than 2-3 single day.

Among the most popular is the National Air and Space Museum (National Museum of Air and Space). Here you can see for yourself the aircraft and spacecraft, and even touch a real moon rock brought back by the Apollo 17 mission members. Particulary it is worth to notice is the world's first motorized aircraft built by the Wright brothers in 1903. At the museum there is also a planetarium.

The oldest among Washington's museums are founded in 1910 National Museum of Natural History (National Museum of Natural History). Here you can admire more than 125 million objects. In the National History Museum (National Museum of American History) you can see the first copy of the car Ford.
Holocaust Memorial Museum (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum) is both a museum and a memorial of memory. It is dedicated to those who died and those who had the courage to oppose to genocide and hatred. There are not only exhibits, but also the works of oral history or movies.

Practical tips

Length of stay in Washington should be based on the number of museums that we want to visit.
Most of the tourist attractions are located close together and are achievable while walking. You can also use the subway, which is much more well-kept than in New York.
Even near the center, you can find accommodation at a reasonable price.


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