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Hotel Bellagio in Las Vegas

The Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas

There is only one place in Las Vegas, which is able to attract and amaze every day thousands of tourists. It is Bellagio, considered the most elegant and luxurious hotel in Vegas. The undisputed king of entertainment, gambling, good taste and exquisite style. The exterior impresses with its classic facade, inspired by the stately and artistic style of Italian palaces. Enchants and move hotel guests and tourists who admire with the fantastic fascination thousands of fountains, dancing to the accompaniment of music and light volleys. Inside the Bellagio lies almost four thousand lavish rooms and suites, where the legendary luxury and modern technologies combined together a magical and cozy atmosphere.

Bellagio hotel charmed us. Although we visit this place for the second time, it is still able to impress us his grace, elegance and luxury.

In front of entering, on the surface of 36,000 square meters sway to the music world famous "dancing fountains of Bellagio". Every evening it is quite difficult to get to the main hotel lobby squeezing through fascinated crowds, staring at fired at the height of 140 meters colored plumes of water. Huge masses of people sway to the rhythm of music coming from hidden among the lush green of the speakers. Laughter, joy and sometimes tears of emotion appears on the faces of viewers this unusual spectacle prepared by 12,000 computer-controlled fountains.

bellagio las vegas fountain 2

bellagio las vegas fountain

Bellagio invites ....

First steps in the hotel lobby. Above our heads tower  the world's largest hand-made (with specially-blown and molded glass) chandelier. Like a rainbow sparkles with thousands of delicate colors intermingled in a fantastic, twisted shapes of glass elements. It was designed so that coming to him, the sun's rays lit up the colorful splendor of the whole hotel lobby. At night,  special lamps illuminate its surface that flashes colors of the rainbow transforming a work of art in a huge living and heaving body.

The main entrance of the Bellagio Hotel

Bellagio, the main entrance to the hotel.

colorful work of art Bellagio hotel

Amazing colorful work of art delights.

beautiful chandelier Bellagio hotel

The chandelier is huge.

We are enchanted. After a while we realized that the gaze is already a good 10 minutes at the chandelier. But this is only the hotel lobby! What other mysteries are hidden in this luxury hotel?

Around us marbles, somewhere in the distance you can hear the characteristic sounds of the casino. The interior look like the ornate Italian palace, fantastic marble statues, arches, lovely Tuscan urns filled to the brim with bouquets of live flowers, frescoes on the ceiling. Are we really in the hotel?

Decorations hotel, any palace would not be ashamed.

Bellagio Botanic Garden

What we saw  exceeded our wildest expectations.  Just a dozen or so meters from the main entrance there is a beautiful botanical garden. Locked inside a huge conservatory is breathtaking. Thousands of wonderfully colored flowers arranged in hundreds of multicolored arrangement. Somewhere high overhead impressive glass dome with steel fantastic  decorations let in to  interior   rays hung of the desert sun. The colors, the smells, the size ... everything seems unbelievable. Among the floral carpet hum softly romantic fountains, somewhere in the distance a huge arms of Dutch windmill showered by hundreds of tulips  gently dispelled permeated the scent of a thousand flowers the air. Around the garden, on the green expanses are spaced benches made of hand-wrought iron, on which  the tourists rest staring at the heavenly landscape. Everything  in the garden is made of living of lovely flowers. I have not found even one withered leaf, one dry blades of grass. The ideal temperature, humidity, lighting, everything worked out to the limits of perfection. There are here  extremely expensive, rare species of flowers and plants. Not every city in the world could be proud of having such a beautiful botanical garden ... and yet we still find ourselves at the hotel!

Hotel Bellagio Conservatory

The beautiful glass dome covering conservatory.

compositions with live flowers Bellagio Hotel

Perfectly made compositions with live flowers.

The casino at the Bellagio

On the left the casino, on the right casino in front of us casino. Huge! It stretches out to infinity and disappears in the distance among the hundreds of slot machines. Around the tables for black jack, roulette, slot machine. Most of the machines to play is besieged by hotel guests, you can recognize them easily in a crowd of tourists. Elegantly dressed, holding class people, around which revolve every minute waiters delivered exotic drinks. In the middle of the casino -lit up  shining  headlights and  illuminated  lasers- floats new, black Maserati GranTurismo - the main prize in a lottery. Everybody can not play on one ticket costs only $ 40. We wonder for a moment whether or not it is worth a try. But no, we will have a far better chance when we change $ 40 per of a 25 cents and will play in one of the hundreds of vending machines. So choose one of the machines and sit down to play. The first $ 5 went smoothly, the machine doesn't even once threw "a cent". We decided to change the place, we moved towards the machines that play for a higher amount, $ 1. Again, no luck. The first $ 6 disappeared within two minutes. We were about to give up when the machine after pressing a button realizes nice sound  on the blackboard, appeared in one row of four red oranges. Win x20! Beautiful! Put a dollar and ten jumps! Oh, you could throw $ 10, two hundred that's something! We decided, however, that's enough gambling. In the meantime, there was a nice lady with a free drink, who sweeter our win.

casion in bellagio hotel

The casino invites 24 hours a day.

Time to move on, to come shopping center of Bellagio. Someone really cleverly designed all this, you win in a casino, you take your money but before you get to your hotel room you have to go through corridors full of luxury shops.

Shopping Centre Bellagio

On the left, Prada, on the right Armani in front of us ... the entire gallery of luxury shops. Glamor, elegance and discreet luxury emanating from shop windows is indescribable. The beautiful, lined with Italian marble corridors of the most expensive, luxurious carpets, exotic plants and the smell ... the smell of huge money. In the shops strangely enough movement, even though there are a whole lot in each of them has at least five people (and not just watching). We decided to check prices. We go into a random store where there are several people - it's Louis Vuitton flagship shop. Very elegant suitcases, travel bags and leather goods. Closest to us has been a medium-sized, nicely finished  ladies handbag. Price ... price ... where is the price? Please Mrs. who selling for help, after a while we get the answer: $ 1,290. We smile pleasantly and leave the store. That's not within our budget. We definitely need some fresh air - we head towards the pool.

shopping center at the Bellagio

Straight from the casino road leads to the shopping center

Bellagio Hotel Shops

Shops ...

cakes in Bellagio

Sweets ... (yes that cookie costs $ 6)

Pool at the Bellagio in Las Vegas

Incredible! It is hard to believe that the group swimming pools can be designed in such a luxurious style. It's really hard to describe what we saw going outside at the Bellagio. This is the highest global standard, the pools are beautiful, it is the specific works of art. Each center has a beautifully carved marble or stone fountain, private "cabanas" that is small homes for rent arranged around each of them. Five luxury, heated swimming pool is integrated into masterfully in 5 hectares of greenery Mediterranean  orchard. The crystal clear water reveals bottoms of poolsrichly decorated with the ornaments which evening lit with colorful neon lights. Here you can truly relax,  or develop another strategic lick to the next time you try to go through the casino could to win back and tweak a bit of luxury, which offers the Bellagio.

pools at the Bellagio

The hotel swimming pool during the day ...

pools at the Bellagio

But at night ... it is empty and beautiful.

private cabanas Hotel Bellagio

Private "cabanas" - so you can rest

European Chic and American fantasy contributed to the creation of places that will remain in the memory of anyone who will obtain the privilege of watching them.

Bellagio Hotel 3

Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas seen from the Las Vegas Strip

Useful information:

Location: The hotel was built at Bellagio Las Vegas Strip 8 minutes way from the international airport.

on map Bellagio Hotel


The hotel offers its guests three joints in a casual atmosphere may deign to great light refreshments inspired by the traditions of not only American but also the culinary heritage of Italy and the Far East. Wishing feast in a beautiful, thematically decorated the interior of the hotel invites to a five joints: Oriental restaurant - serving Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese, Mediterranean and American restaurant and modern - combining the flavors of Italy, Asia and America with delicious seafood, as well as to elegant sushi bar. Six restaurants offer fine dining close to Tuscan cuisine, culinary specialties of different regions of China, French and Spanish dishes, vegetarian dishes and a great skilfully prepared meats which taste increase the fine wines. There are also four joints serving almost at any time of light snacks and delicious desserts and unusual sweets shop, with whose performances done an art. Besides in the six joints you can experience the famous nightlife of Las Vegas - in every club await guests  great fun and  delicious drinks.

Sports and Recreation

The hotel has five heated swimming pools. The enormity auditorium with breathtaking performances, phenomenally beautiful botanical garden with special lighting showing the beauty of the plant at any time of the year. In short distance away are three golf clubs, a none-sistant reserve is a great place to practice rock climbing and enjoy the picturesque views during the rides and hiking.


The extremely spacious center Spa, inspired by the philosophy of Zen, is situated on an area of ​​over 6,000 square meters, 54 treatment rooms, saunas, steam rooms and a fitness center with modern gym - all finished with costly stones, and a beauty salon with an extremely rich offer. Yoga classes and pilates.
Other attractions

There are exclusive boutiques with products of the best world brands and a gallery with works by famous painters.


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